Sunday, March 7, 2010

“Some Don’t Like Their Blues at All”

Everyone has seen an advertisement in a magazine that might strike them as stereotypical, but usually you say a smart remark and move on. In the article, “Some Don’t like Their Blues at All” by Karyn M. Lewis, she goes on and on about how stereotypical a Fila jeans advertisement is. I understand that she may have a strong opinion about how people look at men and women, but she analyzed Fila’s advertisement to the extreme.

For almost three pages Lewis goes on about how Fila’s jean ad is corrupting the image of men and women just because the woman in the picture is soft and girly and the man is strong and brusque. Men and women have been seen like this for forever. One ad showing the difference between men and women shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Of course not all women are soft and girly and not all men are strong and brusque, but it’s just one picture. In the article Lewis also talks about how the man being black and the woman being white is also demeaning our ideas about men and women. She goes into full detail about how the skin color shows that men and women are “fundamentally different in all things.” Honestly, the makers of the advertisement probably just wanted to have a variety of skin colors, but Lewis goes in depth about how that has to be a sign that this ad is being very stereotypical.

Lewis is being melodramatic about this whole advertisement. It’s really just a picture trying to get people to buy Fila’s products. Companies will do whatever it takes to get money even if that means making extreme stereotypes and Lewis just needs to get over that fact. After reading this article it reminded me a lot of the Lion King article we read in class. Both writers of these articles look too into and over analyze everything. They just need to relax and enjoy the little things in life. If they don’t like something and it really makes them that disgruntled, such as the jeans ad or the movie Lion King, then just don’t look at it or watch it. It’s as simple as that.

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